Mustasch — Breaking Up with Disaster lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Breaking Up with Disaster" by Mustasch.


As a renegade from reality
I´ve turned the truth into lies
I was not ready to testify
So no-one liked to being around
My thought´s were wrong
But now it´s under control
I have left all that behind
Right now, on the end of the line
I am breaking up with disaster
I have had it now, I must leave this ride
I got broken down somewhere down the line
Countdown, I must stay alive
I am breaking up with disaster
Somewhere down the line
Bleed and burn and murder
While I´m summoning my wrath
Declining in the shadows
I´m inspecting wounds and scars
The dying days are over
I´m embarking first class car
Right now, on the end of the line…