Mustasch — All My Life lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "All My Life" by Mustasch.


All my life, I´ve had to cover up what others done
And I´m so tired, it still happens to me all the time
Let it be, they always say a better day will come
How could I´ve been so blind
All my life, I´ve been trying to find out who I really am And I ain´t done, what´s clear to you I´ll never understand
How I screamed, how I cried in the dead of night
It was just a dream, one of those nightmares we don´t talk about
How did they dare not to let me speak?
But this bird is soon about to fly free
All my life I´ve had to cover up what others done
But you´re right, my day will COME!
Now I´m mad, I wanna have those things I never had
I can be bad, the consequenses of your actions strikes back
I´m not mean, you just haven´t seen the real me Let it be, you will get used to it, you´ll see
All my life, I´ve been looking for a place called mine
I have tried, still haven´t found out who I really am How I lied when I told you I was satisfied
And I lied when I said it´s gonna be alright
I could not find any piece of mind
Now I´m done, I´m fed up being angry all the time
But don´t be calm, I´m on to everyone who clouds my skies
Cause it´s true, break bad patterns, that´s the way to go All I know, my loved ones will not face my cruel doom
I can talk about it now
I´m not afraid to fly
Many years has passed me by Everything will be alright
I can talk about it now
I´m not afraid to fly
Everything will be alright
But I´m not satisfied