Moss — Mile High lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Mile High" by Moss.


When I check my fresh, there’s nobody fresher than I
5,280 feet in the sky
People outta state see my swag and they wonder why
I’m so fly, so fly, so fly!
I’m Mile High
I’mma keep it real, put my city on
Cause a lot of people say they will
But I know they won’t, and uh
You can hate me still but I’ll be long gone
I’m so fly, so fly, so fly!
I’m Mile High
They say once you get paid it’s considered a profession
And me, myself, I been representing for more than my section
I got that «Mayoral Congression», I work for perfection
So when they push, we push back
Call that forward progression
I gotta keep an eagle eye on the vultures
In order to see me, you gone have to have to widen your focus
The good doctor Moss, says he got the diagnosis
Flow sick like the flu, but I’m immune from prior doses
If they challenge, baby, I accept
Flow crazy plus they say we got the Livest set
See I provide entertainment, they provide the checks
Chauffeur? No sir, my flow deserve a private jet! Yes!
I represent for the team, that’s what makes me boss
And this type of swagger here, can’t be bought
We the shit! Where the Charmin boy?
These other MC’s? They Angel Soft
Niggas step they promotions up and swear they be fucking with Moss
Only difference is they can talk about the next mixtape
But they’re shows ain’t never going off
Sorry. I don’t mean to be rude
But don’t compare me to my food
So they know where we stand
Yes most of the family still ride with the crew
They don’t doubt me due to the fact:
I’m getting my cheese like when a mouse makes moves
People tellin' me what I’m bout to do
They say I’m headed to maximum altitude
I been patiently waiting 'til the day that I am King
And now that it’s here, I’m fully focused on one thing:
That’s put on for my city, consolidate one team
And stay fresher than a confessional
I come clean