Migos — Un Delay lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Un Delay" by Migos.


Young rich nigga feel like Bill Gates
50 racks gone out of my bouquet
The bitches they cooking the chicken they whipping it undelay
I’m calling the plug and he bringing it to me like undelay
Undelay, undelay, undelay
I’m calling the plug and he wrapping the chicken he ship it away
Undelay, undelay, undelay
The bitches they cooking the chicken they whipping it undelay
Young nigga I did it, I pull up in Bentleys
I’m smoking on something terrific, my niggas they scary, horrific
They killing, they leaving no witness
I met you and gave you the chickens, I never show you where I stay
You give me Benji’s I give you the pounds, the chicken my nigga, then undelay
Ain’t worried bout a nigga tryna rob young takeoff F and N on my waist
I cook it and wrap it and flip it and ship it, the junkies they love how I whip
Young rich nigga, I’m worth a milli, I trap in the abandoned building
With no bars, boards on the windows
All black jag, 50 bricks in the fender
Young nigga yeah I love to remix
The baby they come in the crib
I’m drinking on lean out the seal
Got 32 pack like Shaquille O’Neal
Young nigga I stay with the steel
Got cameras outside of my crib
Got goons that would get you undelay
And I’m flipping the work like I flip patty cake
Got bitches they cooking the cookies, my pockets stay fat like I go out with
You walk with the sack then my niggas come at you with Uzi’s up under they
My plug had the nerve to send me the mid, I told that nigga I’m gucci
He said my bad, sent me a new pack and bought me a brand new duelly