Microdisney — Horse Overboard lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Horse Overboard" by Microdisney.


While I was away at sea
With boilers, cargo and gin
My wife still lived alone in a cottage by the lake
Each night I kissed her face in the photograph
But I dreamed of a happy day when I’d be moving back
Can we sleep alone?
We can’t sleep alone
One horse overboard
We do what we want
When she was just 6 years old
Her daddy found her a horse
First she was a stable girl, then a teacher of youth
Came the day
I came home
We moved into the city
Both of us over 16
It struck me about this time that I just didn’t care
So I said: get me to another land
I don’t want my wife
Can we sleep alone?
My wife is a horse
Poor old sailor boy, beached for evermore
For evermore Evermore
Ever, and ever and ever and ever, and ever