Microdisney — Birthday Girl lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Birthday Girl" by Microdisney.


She was tired
It was dark
When she heard the nurse say
«Here's a baby boy»
Without fear
Zero years
Come to see damnation
And a veil of tears
And my claim to fame
Is that then, I was
That baby boy
Birthday girl, rosy and special
Will this night last forever?
When I wed, I would dream
In a champagne haze, of my first affair
Like a private joke on the one I love, between myself and me
Birthday girl, rosy and special
Will this night come to an end?
Feed the birds poisoned bread
In the square beneath my place of birth
People die, so will I
Cut and dried and empty
Quite alone
When they bury me
When the people know, of the baby boy
Birthday girl, now I am begging
But I still think of the baby
Birthday girl, smiling in silence
Will this night, please, come to an end