Michael Lowman — Home Again lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Home Again" by Michael Lowman.


Inside is this road im forking, but i dont feel like talking.
And this is not what i planned and this not how its supposed to be.
That i believe in angels but i dont see them flying.
And i dont see the white wings.
I dont feel the early morning breeze.
Tonight’s just falling away.
And this is how you got raised.
so release your heart to the sky and for that moment time youll be home again.
Early morning we’ve been, its only dawn and im here
Ill never get to see him, he’ll never get to see the man i am.
Tryna see a bright side, tryna be a good child.
The sweetest deed uv ever seen and the strongest mama bear.
Cuz tonight just falls away.
This is how i got raised.
So release ur heart to the sky for moment in time youll be home again.
Lifes a funny thing.
You get what you got you give what you havent.
Life kicks you to dry and leaves you on your own.
But u gonna be strong girl.
Then you were before..
cuz we not just born this way.
This is how we get raised.
So release your heart to the sky and for that moment in time you will be home