Meshuggah — Futile Bread Machine lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Futile Bread Machine" by Meshuggah.


An even stobe
A pulse of flashing
Hatelights of synthetic souls
Massproduced, hammered into shape
A sign of times
Dreams turn into systems
A new way — a new breed
Implanted in our minds
Here I am — in the hand of a sterile hate — the new control
I can not wake — I’m not asleep
New intelligence arise in emptied bodies
Turgid flesh tested through eternal existence
Do not know codes mother machine
Genocide now scorn, a dying race
Evolution in reverse
Now it’s time for me — changing
What am I to be — contorted
An eternity defeated
Programmed to appease you
We’re symbols of perfection
Humanoids runed by your laws:
Lesson first: submission
We’re docile servant dogs
Our leashes are your limbs
Computed deep within
See me, be me Same contents — same machine
Same contents — same machine
The currency of ours no more flesh and bone
We are to be unaware of what we have been before
An eternity defeated.
Future breed machine!