Meshuggah — Corridor Of Chameleons lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Corridor Of Chameleons" by Meshuggah.


We’re the carriers of a new anomaly; fold, unfold
Bend, shift color
Always turning our backs to the wind
Deaf to the inner voices screaming
Purpose, profit, act only to gain
Blistered tounges from licking greedward
Taste the enemy
Throw up their means
Swallow the bits that fit your needs
Keep your eyes searching in all directions, scanning for opportunities
Off you go
Begin your climb
Aim for the topmost twig of lies
Put on a shape to pass undisturbed
Pick a color to blend with surroundings
Choose a voice suiting, appropriate for the never benignant purpose
Spin your eyes to read the court
Smoothen your path before the start
Even out, fill the holes with the toxic clay of your rotting heart
A contagious neuro-ego-disease. A virus sticking to liars
We’re the self-centered fuel to boost the new strain of fire
Adapting, shifting, lacking opinion. Our numbers exceeding the billions
Everly walking among ourselves down the corridor of chameleons
Continue through the skein of boughs, navigate to keep you straight on track
Make the right ramification-turns. Conceit will be your allied guide
Climb the hierarchy ladders invisibly, veiled by the canvas of putrid dreams
Every obstacle surmountable to the clouded vision you’ve conceived
Scan the wall of truth for cracks. Your prey: the secrets hiding therein
Feed upon its nourishing intestines to bring you forth in the «game»
With every single step taken on the road of games called success
There’s a fee for every lie. The currency: Your dissolving integrity
Will you make it to the top of the tree? Is the fortune there to be found?
Chameleons are a short-lived breed. Maybe fate will find you dead on the ground
Fate will tell