Mat Sinner — In the Name of Rock'n'roll lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "In the Name of Rock'n'roll" by Mat Sinner.


I don’t wanna lose this feeling, it keeps me alive
I need the stage vibrations, everyday of my life
You can bitch about my pretty bad vices
But I’m going on strong, where I set my sights on Don’t wanna be concerned
In the name of rock’n’roll I need to survive
In the name of rock’n’roll I’m hooked on this life
I need the thunder of drums, the roar of guitars
The road is long, but the spirit is strong now
Every inch of my way
Every night’s got some new provocations
Every night’s got some sweet temptations
I wanna hear you
Here I’m standing, at the edge of the stage
When the lights come up I can’t hold back
I’m still singing my heart out, I know it’s not in vain
The hunger inside me rises again