Mat Sinner — Every Second Counts lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Every Second Counts" by Mat Sinner.


I saw you standing in the neon light
Just one look was enough
I get what I want and I wanted you bad
You really took me to the highest high
To the heart of the night
What a hell of a time I got with you
You gave me tears and I gave you my blood
An eye for an eye, I was yours
Ooh oh oh oh every second counts
I’ll remember your face, when the truth comes out
Ooh oh oh oh every second counts
And you’ll better learn what’s it all about
I’m gonna take you where the sun goes down
I promise you
You’ll be home before the break of dawn
But don’t you ever try to hold me down
I got other plans and there’s no one
Who should tell me what I should do When the talk gets cheap
Then I’ll see you twice
On the other side of heaven again