Mat Sinner — Back to the Bullet lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Back to the Bullet" by Mat Sinner.


You better listen closely now
I’m a man with a mission and I’m back in town
If it’s all a waste of time
I’m only wastin' mine
Here I come a head full of dreams
A need so strong to swim upstream
No boundaries
Could ever hold me here
I’m under fire — I’m gettin' ready
Let’s get
Back to the bullet — follow the fighting choice
Back to the bullet — takin' another shot
A one way ticket to the hall of fame
So there’s gonna be some changes made
I feel the rhythm of a thousand pounding drums
Little by little, I’ll even the score
I’m not gonna play second best anymore
Got a bad attitude
And I’m playin' rude
Too many rules spoilt my plans