Luthea Salom — Winter Tires lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Winter Tires" by Luthea Salom.


with the arrogance of an empire
and the force of winter tires
he approached her with no other desire
than to tell her:
‘you know? even your anger will expire
like snow caught under winter tires'
soon he saw confrontation wasn’t as needed as affection
all his power felt suddenly caught in electrical wires
like the truth trapped inside a liar
just as air inside winter tires
her gaze strangely distant
is she a victim searching vengeance?
or is she a sunbeam surrounded by winter?
or maybe her gaze is simply tired
of the incessant spinning of winter tires
with the heat from her fear and the salt in her tears
suddenly she changed
like dough into cake
like a quiet aching road with the rubbing of winter tires
his desire then woke up like fire
and he couldn’t help but devour her slowly
with the arrogance of an empire about to expire
like the tracks from his winter tires