Luthea Salom — Out lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Out" by Luthea Salom.


let’s leave it here cause i don’t want to see
where it all ends
i am swinging back and forth
say is it worth it? let’s fold it up before words
say too much and we can’t bring them out
let’s leave it now cause i don’t want to spend my life coloring you. you’ve been standing in the light
and now you’re see-through. you dropped your guns,
lost your gravity, starved the secret
and now it’s painfully clear
it’s funny how an empty shell creates space
funny how weight makes a curl go straight
funny how barriers feed the escape
and now i am out
you’ve been all i’ve had so far, so good, so kind, so morally
correct that it feels too pure, too realistically fake
to live this way
funny how i efface you
funny how i need to jump this red
and i am out
let’s leave it now
you see, our tightly tied lace is wearing out