Luthea Salom — Ice Cream On Sun Kissed Lips Unloved lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Ice Cream On Sun Kissed Lips Unloved" by Luthea Salom.


it comes and goes like an ocean
casting empty shells to shore
where sunsets taste like love
but sunsets
they disappear under a black gown
where barefoot girls let their hopes drown
and their sand hearts wash away
and then the highs and lows
and the beautiful mix of red and blue in every rainbow
make for east to someone else’s dawn
and then it tastes like whores in an alley road
it tastes like home where you rot alone
tastes like ice cream on sun-kissed lips unloved
it tastes like loss
heartbreak is being stuck in a ghost town
with nothing on but your christ crown of worries and digging pains
and you are as dirty as your secrets, girl
so hurry, dig up your dirty secret hell
before the ladybugs and the buttercups
the lilacs and the butterflies find their way
into someone else’s lawn
and then it tastes like whores (…)
so i say better swallow this mush
cause nothing in your gut is designed to last
the hide and seek of skin on skin
the perfect sex scene right off a film
took the broom and flew into someone else’s room
and now it tastes like whores (…)