Luthea Salom — How lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "How" by Luthea Salom.


how a little less is so much more
how very loud cannot be heard
how much lonelier it feels in a crowd
how are we caged in our own limits
how can these tears be centuries old
how many knots will die with us undone
how can all this fighting bring any peace
how come many words get stuck between our teeth
how falling down can be uplifting
how right we are when we say we are wrong
how much prettier you look now without your war paint on how lost we can get by following the path
how much more weight will we carry on our backs
how are we afraid of what we still don’t know
how can i accept i’m stuck on this boat with one oar
the more i eat the more i seem to crave
the more i learn the less i understand
how can love and anger go hand in hand
how do my mistakes make you a better man
how far can we get with an anchor unweighed
how am i supposed to live otherwise