Luthea Salom — Down Down lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Down Down" by Luthea Salom.


sometimes this place weighs
like the words you say instead of okay
like pulling out a thread by mistake
then watching it all fray away
like looking for answers and finding more questions
like thinking beauty is just a reflection of age
it all weighs you down
sometimes it’s best not to complain
it takes time for mud to become clay
sometimes it’s best to let things sway
what will happen will happen anyway
like saving a bird
one seed at a time
building a nest
then letting it fly away
it all weighs you down
down down
like thinking you got it all figured out
then someone much younger
takes your part in the play
it all weighs
like running away
to the edge of the world
then watching it curl
and you’re back in the same old place
it all weighs you down
down down