Love, Like Ghosts — Give It All lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Give It All" by Love, Like Ghosts.


Spent two years writing songs and wasting my time
With a band that couldn’t make up their damn mind
Whether fame is what they wanted or just a dream on the side
It’s all in the past for me, it’s my time to shine
Bring catchy melodies to every song I play
And every breathe I take another harmony
In every thought and dream, I write a different theme
In hopes of getting notice
Lay it all, on the line
Can’t afford to miss this time
Give it all, I’ve got
And make your heart beat stop
Not gonna be runner up, it’s time to step it up And give it all, I’ve got
Hit every stage I can and try to recommend
Every friend I can to influence
Every enemy that’s against me To have a second thought cause I’m here to