Los Brazos — Stand By Me lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Stand By Me" by Los Brazos.


Well I used to wake up in the morning with you near by me.
And all was warm, you wrapped around me so hard, I was your «teddy beer».
But I have noticed lately something cold by me,
Every other day you’re so far away.
Won’t you kiss me once and then another time,
Fixing this is simple: «come and stand by me».
Wherever you have been these days, well look, (you know) you weren’t in our
You don’t need to look further come around a take a look at this face.
Well I’m heading down your way just to hear your steps
Those legs where really heaven made
Here I come again, with my empty hands,
I only want you, won’t you, simply, stand by me
Who knows what came over you, this thing was getting me down
But there’s a new girl downtown whose boots can really crank the ground
Well I’m heading down her way to hear those footsteps
Those boots were really evil made
There she comes again, with her empty hands
I only want you, won’t you, simply, stand by me