Los Brazos — Son lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Son" by Los Brazos.


«You won’t ever, forget this trip».
Said as the ambulance, ran through the streets
There’s some many things about me, you wouldn’t have forgiven
I’ll go and you’ll stay, you’re going to have to live it".
Same things, will have a different point of view
Same songs, will mean different things to you
There’ll be the same me, with no strength in my hands
Same place, but a one night stand
«You better sleep my son; we should turn off the lights»
It was the darkest night of all, that’s when he put up the fight
I took a look outside; I used to like the wind and storms.
I closed the windows this time, I don’t like them anymore.
Same things, are in a different point of view
Same songs, mean different things to you
Same me, with no strength in my hands
Same place, but just a one night stand