Logh — Saturday Nightmares lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Saturday Nightmares" by Logh.


the door was not locked so i went on inside
i had been there before and i knew that i was out on thin ice
i was meeting someone but no one showed up and when trouble came by i tried to find a friendly face in the night
but whoever i was looking for was nowhere in sight
i chose sides
i lost the fight
whatever happened to saturday night?
it was dark like december and the sun was on the run
staggering through the streets and my fear i tried to make my escape
i lay down on the pavement, tried to rest my head
but i woke up from one nightmare to another full of words i’d never heard
i believe they were my friends but then i saw them as ghosts and now i wonder
if maybe those ghosts had been mine all the time
though i think there was a reason for my actions, who knows?
tonight i’ve got a reason and the reason is it’s saturday night
now I see the reason why
now i see
i see the reason why — i’ve got a ghost that i can’t escape
a gloved hand in the night
you’re my misguiding light
you are the ghost that i can’t escape