Live — Stage lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Stage" by Live.


I wanna feel
I wanna try
I wanna rock in the city tonight
I wanna deal
Don’t wanna die
I wanna bring my Captain Hook into the light
People I’ve seen my day
Ranting and raving this beauty away
We are by and large the same
But words are too feeble, they cannot contain
He was a «rock and roll messiah»
She was known for her child care
The truth is gonna give up the world
If you can give up the stage
If I can give up the stage
If we can give up the stage
Come to this, I can’t come to you
Don’t do this, wake me up tonight
Come to this, I won’t come to you
Don’t do this, wake me up tonight
(P.S. Do not drive and swear!)