Lisandro Aristimuño — Green Lover song lyrics and translation

The page contains the lyrics and English translation of the song "Green Lover" by Lisandro Aristimuño.


Hoy vienen por mi, Green lover
Hoy hablan de mi, Green lover, corre!
Ve lejos de mí, sin culpa
Yo voy a parir con mis libros puestos
Llevo valor, llevo juventud
Llevo mi fe en volver, amor
Llevo cartas que nunca te di
Llevo la luz que nos despertó
Llevo discos de los Beatles y
Fotos con vos y tu gorro gris
Llevo un blues dentro de este ron
Llevo a Luis cantándole al Sol
Llevo el reloj que me dio papá
Y tu razón de querer volar

Lyrics translation

They're coming for me today, Green lover.
They're talking about me today, Green lover, run!
Go away from me, no guilt
I'm going to give birth with my books on.
I wear courage, I wear youth
I carry my faith in coming back, love
I carry letters I never gave you.
I carry the light that awakened us
I carry Beatles records and
Photos with you and your gray cap
I have a blues inside this rum
I take Luis singing to The Sun
I'm wearing the watch dad gave me.
And your reason for wanting to fly