Lee Ranaldo and the Dust — Key/Hole lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Key/Hole" by Lee Ranaldo and the Dust.


I’m thinking about the first line
That I wrote you way back when
You always said that I was
The last in a long line of friends
But peeking through a keyhole
There’s only so much to take in
Things get so uneven
Like they do in the end
Deny me
Any indication
Define me
Any way you can
When I called
You over
See a little darkness
Mixed in with the light
Know your kisses arrow to nights of sweet delights
Let’s make the bad of a bad situation
Try to define love
Any way we can
When I called
You over
Your bright like a shadow
Dark like a sunny day
You shuffled all the pages
Until the words decayed
I’m a traveler in the hard hard rain
And you my dear are quite insane
I’m in the middle of the river
Scattered ropes and jewels for ever
I’m back out on the town now
Back out on your street
I feel a little strange about it
But you know what I mean
So take this as a last line
Take this as the end
Scatter through the chatter
And full malcontent
Lets take our eyes out
And complete the conversation
Devise a way out
Of our grandest plans
When I called
You over