Lee Ranaldo and the Dust — Home Chds lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Home Chds" by Lee Ranaldo and the Dust.


Every time I wait for the revolution to come
Every night I think it’s here and then it’s gone
I’m gonna take the time to tell if I’m in the way
Another time another place another day
Get on
You and I have something written on the dawn
We looked east and west
Searching for things behind the sun
We learned to parcel with all things we loved the best
Put aside the ones we loved and laid to rest
Get On, Home, Home
So spit it out, spit out what you got to say
What’s on your mind what’s dreaming?
What’s on your tongue today?
That it’s time for all the blind to see
That we all lye awake and get no sleep
Get no sleep, sleep
The world is wild, wild and free
It means everything to you
It means everything to me
We can waste are time, let it pass us by
Or open up our eyes and let it in
You and I… went walking in the tide
Seeing eye to eye… fit together feeling wise
We’re gonna shake the tree and see if there’s a better way
Another frame of mind
Another state of grace, another day
To get on, on
Get on home, get on home