Lee Ranaldo and the Dust — Ambulancer lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Ambulancer" by Lee Ranaldo and the Dust.


Last time that I saw you, you smiled and said you were dead
A blind eye to the water, anyway thatʼs what you said
I wonʼt call you a runaway, I donʼt call you a friend
Drop the past for the day-to-day, It all shakes out in the end
I call you t come back, when the stakes are high
Already dressed in black, baby yr tumbling in
The last time I saw you, you said that soon youʼd be dead
You heard the voices calling, the ambulance in yr head
Then all the lights were shining, the blood backed up in yr eyes
You couldnʼt translate the signals, the planetarian sigh
Iʼm calling you t come back, donʼt you say goodbye
All messed up in black, baby yr falling again
Last time: lost time / next time: divine
The road that leads you out is the same as the way back in
Yr pain is not in doubt but baby yr good in yr skin
Last time, next time, divide, decline
The spiders of time are calling, wrapping you up in their webs
The night is quickly falling, fast unraveling threads
What empty season? Signpost to the divine?
What floating cloud had signaled that youʼd lost yr mind?
Yr caught in the abstractions, waiting to begin
Thereʼs no chain reaction, Baby yr good in yr skin
Everyone knows the answer before you do
Everyone hangs a light out in their head
Everyone got a taste of you
Everyone falls apart in the end