Latyrx — Arrival lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Arrival" by Latyrx.


Thank you, thank you, thank you
I would first like to thank the almighty creator for making all things possible
You’re so awesome
And I would like to thank you all
Everyone that voted for peace, justice, equality
Those that stand for an improvement in policy
Those that want to see change implemented, not just words but actions
Commitment to a brighter future
To all you futurist I salute ya
And we won’t be denied
Progress is on our side
The pathway to forward is illuminated for us and shine
With a bright, undeniable light
And it’s his light, her light, all different skin types
Weights, heights, likes, dislikes, and walks of life
And that light will blaze the way to a better tomorrow
What we do today in this life, in this time
It’s our charge, to all rise
And seize the moment, collectively own it
Victory is waiting for us, all it’s open
We have arrived, we have arrived, we are here
(speech x10)
I’m feeling more optimistic than I have in a very long time
The storm clouds have lifted it’s been a scary long ride
I finally feel like after I don’t know how many years
I’m tirelessly fighting uphill, compromising the deals
The grinding, the building, the broadening of our appeal
At last we finally arrived
The worlds opened up like a coconut
The culturally monopoly broken up
And for those that had a hold on us
Imposed their doctrine and a code of conduct
That’s over and done, all that is history
This is a new model, but enough about yesterday
Let’s talk about tomorrow
See change, a paradigm shift
We change, it’s an awesome time
For those of us who felt marginalized, compartmentalized
Or felt like we led nominal lives, or even felt like a target at times
And where I once felt like an outsider
Now I feel like I am empowered
And it doesn’t mean it still won’t be difficult
And I still don’t quite feel like we hit that pinnacle
But what we achieved is not insignificant
Think of what we once were, this is not some little shit
So where do we go next?
Proceed with boldness
Embrace our wholeness
Activate our culture
We are passionate, imaginative, action orientated people
Savvy in chemist, manic, with swagger that’s unequaled
Keep investing in ourselves and testing ourselves
Keep pressing ourselves, besting ourselves
Foster that entrepreneurial spirit
Recognize that this is a milestone, historical period
Let us use this momentum to further conquer our limits
Cause we still got a few old habits to break
And we still do have a whole planet to save
We have arrived, we have arrived
We are here
(speech x10)
We are the victors
The dirty and forgotten
We march ahead to a song
We fight till we die
We stare 'em in the eye
We never flinch
We never give an inch
We never cry, oh
Pray for the women
The worthy downtrodden
We honor your memory with song
So raise your pitchers and turn the top to bottom