Larry Norman — Love Is a Commitment lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Love Is a Commitment" by Larry Norman.


I am on the left side you are on the right,
Even if we both disagree I’m gonna love you with all my might.
Love is not a ballad on the top ten chart
Love is not a virus from Cupid’s dart.
Love is not a promise that you tear apart
Love is a commitment heart to heart.
Maybe you feel impoverished but true love can abound
Why don’t we expand our love and knock these four walls
Love is not a matter of time and space
Love is not a flower in a golden vase
Love is not a fantasy in silk and lace
Love is a commitment face to face.
I know that you’ve been hurt before, it’s sad to comprehend
But baby I love you rich or poor, so don’t think this
is the end.
Love is not a fire like a burning coal
Love is not a high that you can’t control
Love is not a moon and a midnight stroll
Love is a commitment soul to soul.
Love can be a blessing or full of strife
Love burns like a kiss cuts like a knife
Love goes far beyond a man and wife
Love is a commitment life to life.