Larry Norman — God Part III lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "God Part III" by Larry Norman.


i don’t believe in beatles, i don’t believe in rock
i dont’t believe in the cutting edge, that’s just
journalist talk
i don’t believe in the cover story or the gospel chart
you can easily hit number one with a bullet and totally
miss the heart
but i oh i believe in God
i don’t believe in politics while the masses stay unfed
til the leaders change priorities and supply the poor
with bread
don’t believe in the revolution or the empty words of peace
you can tear all of the governments down you still
won’t find release
but i oh i believe in God
i don’t believe the papacy when fallible lies are told
if they really want to help the poor they should sell
some of their gold
and i don’t believe the aryans are the master race
if you think that Jesus is white you’d be surprised to see His face
but i oh i believe in God
don’t believe in esperanto or the dreams of babylon
if we all spoke the same language, long ago we would’a
built the bomb
and i don’t believe in money the way lives are bought
and sold
and when this world is ended bankrupt i’m gonna walk
the streets of gold
no i don’t believe in evolution, i was born to be free
ain’t gonna let no anthropologist make a monkey out of me and i don’t like the devil, i ain’t gonna be his slave
and when i’m finished dying i’m gonna bust out of my grave
oh i yeh i oh i — I and i oh i oh i believe in God
i believe in God
i believe in God
i believe in God