Larry Norman — DEJA VU (If God Is My Father) lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "DEJA VU (If God Is My Father)" by Larry Norman.


If God is my Father and you are my brother
Then why can’t we bother to love one another?
Why do we keep on acting the way we do?
The way we treat each other it just breaks my heart in two.
Once we were happy, oh, yes, once in the garden
But then a lie broke the stillness
And our hearts began to harden.
And hoping to be wiser, man has reached too far,
Sometimes I think that we’ve advanced,
But then I look at where we are.
Sipping whiskey from a paper cup
You drown your sorrows 'til you can’t stand up.
Take a look at what you’ve done to yourself
Why don’t you put the bottle back on the shelf?
Yellow fingered from your cigarettes
Your hands are shaking while your body sweats.
Why don’t you look into Jesus,
He’s got the answer.
Think back to when you were a child,
Your soul was free, your heart ran wild.
Each day was different and life was a thrill,
You knew tomorrow would be better still.
But things have changed, you’re much older now,
If you’re unhappy and you don’t know how,
Why don’t you look into Jesus,
Work all night, sleep all day,
You take your money, throw it all away,
You say you’re gonna be a superstar
But you’ve never hung around enough
To find out who you really are.
Why don’t you look into Jesus,
He’s got the answer.