Larry Norman — Baby's Got the Blues lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Baby's Got the Blues" by Larry Norman.


You know my baby’s got the blues, and I don’t know what
to do
I don’t know what to say, should I go away
And pray for her sorrow?
She sits there all alone, as silent as a stone,
And I don’t know how to help, should I keep it to myself
And wait for tomorrow?
And if I knew how to reach her where the waters run
I would give her the words that would help her to sleep.
At night she lays in bed with secrets in her head
With pain too deep for words, nothing can be heard
But the sound of her breathing.
Mercies and angels up above,
Heaven please help the one I love.
Guide the direction that she goes
Watch every step, each (?) stone
Please let her know she’s not alone
Give her the strength to trust in everything she knows.
I’ve stayed up late at night, my head bowed in the
And what I think at last is the problems in her past
Are the reason she’s leaving.
And if I knew what was missing, if I knew what was best
I would give her the words that would help her to rest.
If she goes away, should I try and make her stay
'Til her night becomes day and these deep shadows blow
'Cause heaven knows my heart is so confused —
My baby’s got the blues.