Lapko — The Passers By lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "The Passers By" by Lapko.


I want to steal your candlelight
I don’t want to borrow it just need to get it all
Without your failures
Without your dark, bad memories
Six thousand faces in colourlights
I love attention & I want to be the stroke of the day
I’ve sat alone and want to kill the passers by I deserve your feet
Am I lonely, queer, a cheater, a loser
I love you father because you’re my dad
Give me Back the feel that I’m the only one
Give me back my illusion cause otherwise I Die
I’m so far away from golden gates
but there’s a door that no one tried before
I wanna know
If I can stand proud behind my shadow
In a way I used to I wanna know If I learned anything at all
Behind my shadow in a way I did
all of those little words
Pieces of planet earth
They’re Hanging on me They fight with me They’re Sleeping in me They run with me I wanna know if my shadow could be proud
…It is then but not for now
I thought of stealing your candlelight and going
But it’s such an ordinary candlelight
Without a light of my ow I’m just an empty shell
And It’s a big deal to be nothing for yourself
Without a light of my own I’m a cover with black jeans
hoping Black will never be «out»