Lapko — Barrel Of The Past lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Barrel Of The Past" by Lapko.


Sorry my dear friend
Sorry my dear past
For everything I did
because I tried to lie
Uncertainty made me some kind of a fearless caricature picture
with the same old face
You glare at me through my eyes
Every anger has a former one
Every legend beats one older
Everything has been before you
Everything and all except that one wall
Use your wall it pushes you on I need to say I love you
I need to scare you too
I need to figure out where is my heart of gold
Somewhere is a place
where you can hide your failures
It’s a place
Where you’ve learnt how to swim
Please look into my eyes
I have my place in this world
Do I learn it this time
I’m face to face with my fulfilled dreams
and trigger in front of my eyes
Bullet in the barrel
with my name on I haven’t found the whole revelation
but I’ve seen flashes