Ladi6 — Ready To Fly lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Ready To Fly" by Ladi6.


Uh uh we light trees in the night breeze healing the scars
Nobody can really steal this the feeling is ours
Two souls deeper than the holes they digging' in mars
Shining light as bright as a trillion stars
And your eyes reflecting
Looking back on the past likes it’s a lesson, class is in session
Puff it and pass it we lifting now lets get away
It’s been so long waiting for them better days
Sometimes feels like an escape
Shooting in the spotlight front and center stage
So come and shoot this shit with L6 and get high
My clique bumping Kweli «just to get by»
Pass me the fire watch me light up the sky
Got some blue zigzags and we’re ready to fly
Come with me to the moon
I’ll blaze a trail we’ll follow stars and we will get up
Lay with me on the lawn it won’t be long
Before we’re flying in the mountains
We will get away from it all
Just you and I no body else around so
Lighting trees in the moonlight
Said I’m multicolored white light
Oooooh ooooh ooooh oooh (Fly, fly, fly, fly)
We gone fly away today are ya’ll ready to fly?
If your ready to fly, we ready to fly, we gon' fly away
Blaze with me in the sun or all night long
Don’t want this day to end ever
Burn moments in my mind I want the pain
To carry the scars with me forever
When this day is done and dusted off
Goodbyes are seldom ever said
I don’t want to lose least we forget
Unless this is all we ever meant while
Lighting trees in the moonlight
Said I’m multicolored white light