Key & Peele — Just Stay For the Night lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Just Stay For the Night" by Key & Peele.


would you look at the time
you should just stay here tonight
i’ve had too much wine
you can leave at first light
it isn’t that far
baby just stay where you are
back to my place
you can’t escape from my embrace
i really had a very nice time
let me just refill that wine
i really need to say goodbye
i would love to see you try
please unlock this door
it’s locked from the outside
look i really have to go
no you really have to stay
hey no means no
that’s what they all say
your hurting my arm
i won’t cause you any harm
let go of me
we can make this hard or just easy
a woman always comes prepared
ooh i’m really scared
i said this is not what i want
why you have to be such a
i know self defense
i dare you to try it
i don’t want to fight
bitch you are mine tonight
please just please go away
i thought you wanted me to stay
i just changed my mind
i think i’ll just stay and unwind
how did this all switch?
now you are my bitch
please just be kind tonight
now you are mine tonight