Kenneth Aaron Harris — Viva Las Vegas lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Viva Las Vegas" by Kenneth Aaron Harris.


Well it’s a hot night
Driving through the desert
We got the top rolled back
Feeling young forever
Soft static on the radio starts to play
A phantom signal from this desolate terrain
It’s got us howling at the moon with the coyotes
Lifting our voices up with the king
Yeah, the ghost of Graceland
Who better than, to take us?
Viva Las Vegas
Viva Las Vegas
Well life’s been hard on you
Yeah maybe for a year or two
And you’ve been losing so long
I think you think that’s how it is now
But when those bright lights come into frame
I’m hoping that I’ll see a different look on your face
I’m hoping that I’ll catch a glimpse of that famed smile
Yeah you can bet on yourself for once this time
Yeah we can turn the tables
We may get rich and famous
Viva Las Vegas
Viva Las Vegas