Kenneth Aaron Harris — Home Sweet Home lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Home Sweet Home" by Kenneth Aaron Harris.


An open road and a southern wind
Took me off my course somewhere i never should have been
And i miss my folks and i miss my friends
But i think it’s you that i will miss most in the end
A cold mid-western storm starts to blow
A voice down in my sould said time to go
Across the jagged mountains to the sea that shaped their stones
To a sleepy southern town that seemed to hide out on the coast
That we call home
Home sweet home
With a boastful heart and a lack of common sense
Don’t know how i found something so many others miss
Such simple times til we complicated them
But we won’t lie awake at night and think what might have been
Fading southern ghost said time to go
Flooded summer streets time to leave
So we fell into the ocean
Drifted up the coast
Washed up in a town they say would swallow us up whole
That we call home
Home sweet home
And new starts cold hearts we got in return
Seems a shame the hard way’s just one way that i learn
This cut-throat business is none of my concern
I could sit back quietly and watch this city
Watch this city
Watch this city burn
Cos this town it feeds on dreams and it’s time to leave
The bright lights and the tourist traps said don’t come back
So we follow in our headlights into the great unknown
Looking for something that we could not find on our own that we call home
Home sweet home
That we call home
Home sweet home