Kathleen Grace — I'm On Fire lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "I'm On Fire" by Kathleen Grace.


There was a campground
deep in the woods
the air was dry
and so was the wood
and there we stood
knotted and tied
I saw the look
of love in your eyes
There in the darkness
we lit a match
and at first the light
it did not catch
and then a spark rose up high
dancing like a seed up in the sky
I’m on Fire…
Soon the flames
grew so hot
still I stayed
but you did not
and through the smoke
I coughed and wheezed
crying baby, baby won’t you save me please
I’m on Fire…
Now all that’s left
is dust and ash
and all my tears
have turned to glass
but still I feel
the heat in me
and it burns me so it burns me so damn deep
I’m on Fire…