Jude Perl — 3AM lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "3AM" by Jude Perl.


Is it really such a bad idea
Like I keep telling myself
I’m hoping
Something soon will make me change my tune
But I just can’t stop
Thinking about you
All the things you said repeating in my head
Are we really friends because we both just want
Something more
In time crushes go
But my feelings for you just seem to grow
And grow
Is it really such a bad idea I can’t sleep
Cos I know that I will dream about you
Being held in your arms
Is it wrong to dream when I’ve decided I can’t have you
All I know is that I’ve never felt this way
Lots of reasons
Fighting every feeling that I have
Getting weaker all the time
When I’m drifting off
Pictures of a future we could have
Am I crazy but
I think I love you
Is it really such a bad idea