JT the Iriginal — I.B. English 3 lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "I.B. English 3" by JT the Iriginal.


Man ya got me enrolled in ya advanced class that ya call I.B. English 3,
and it’s nonsense
I won’t read the books, I won’t write the essays, I won’t take the tests
I just got one thing to say
Well allow me to make my claim
Ya motha fuckin' class is lame and you’re the only one to blame
And when it’s all over I’ll never be the same
I’ll be ruined with this literary shame
Everyday it’s fifty-five minutes of hell
I’m sittin' in my desk just waiting for the bell
Your class is nothing but trauma
And maybe that’s because you also teach drama
And all this work that you give us is off the chart
If it were up to me I would never take part
Because the only thing I gotta say is fuck your class
Whether I fail or I pass
The time goes by slow but I wish it went fast
And you ask us to compare and contrast
Between realism and romance
You say I can do it but I tell you I can’t
And fuck school house rock
When we watch that shit I’m just staring at the clock
And when we read Greek tragedies
I write the essay and you ask me for my strategy
When I’m in your class it feels like you’ve fastened me
To this desk because this class is just harassing me
And you can expel me or put me in juvenile hall
I really don’t care at all
You can put me in jail or even in prison
You can even put me in San Quentin
And have me on the motha fuckin' death row
But I guarantee you still won’t know
How much I really hate this class of yours
It’s been too long I can’t take any more
It’s just bad for my health
So that book you assigned me you can put right back on the shelf
That’s how it is man, I won’t tolerate your class
Ya mad as hell but I don’t give a shit, nope
I won’t listen to ya lectures, I won’t analyse books, I don’t even read books
I don’t even read
Why is it so damn bad
Maybe because of the pop quizzes and the vocab
Metaphors, similes, and hyperboles
Tell me who do you know has ever even heard of these
Ya class is nothing but bullshit
I gotta quit cause I’m through with it
Ya know just what’s wrong
Ya god damn class is not where I belong
So if you’re hearin' this I know you’ll probably hate it
But I hope you can at least appreciate it
And understand that I’m so aggravated
My time has been wasted and ya content is outdated
When is it gonna be done
'Cause I didn’t have a good run and I’m havin' no fun
I really don’t believe I need this knowledge
Maybe I don’t even want to go to college
And you make us read and write about poetry
But a poet is not what I hope to be
So tell me what’s the god damn purpose
It’s just worthless, tell me how did I deserve this
This class is terrible and if I could I would stop it
Every minute I’m checkin' the time on my phone in my pocket
So use your logic, is this class really necessary
'Cause I’d rather be lyin' in a cemetery
And all this shit I’m sayin' is coming from my heart
I’ve been sufferin' in this class from the very start
Well I think by now I’ve made my point quite clear
You won’t be seeing me here next year
So after all this I hope that you can finally see
That in your class I don’t give an s-h-i-t
And I’m not gonna meet your requirements
Because the only requirement is your retirement
Ya know that shit man, all this obscurity, it’s god damn nonsense, meaningless
Metaphors, hyperboles, motifs, paradoxes, fuck all of it
I won’t annotate novels, and I damn well won’t participate in the oral
And fuck a Nathaniel Hawthorne book