JT the Iriginal — I Don't Want to Go to College lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "I Don't Want to Go to College" by JT the Iriginal.


Well I’ve been livin' ever since 1995 and ya know, after seventeen years people
keep tellin' me the same shit, keep talkin'
'bout somethin' I just can’t stand, tryna' mislead me and ruin me
I know ya know who ya are, so ya betta take note
Well this is for all my family and friends
Who keep telling me about one thing and it never ends
It’s always the same old shit
So I got one thing to say and it’s this
I don’t want to go to college
Like I said before I don’t believe I need the knowledge
It would be nothing but a waste of my time
I’d rather stay right here and keep writin' these rhymes
Ya tell me if I don’t go my future won’t be steady
But I’ve been in school for 11 years already
And they were nothing but a bore
So why would I spend my money on another four
To sit in motha fuckin' desk
And write essays again and take tests
Last year my GPA was 3.6
But that doesn’t change shit I don’t care about it
They put me in advanced classes like I.B. English
But I just can’t stand it cause it’s meaningless
All this academic shit, it’s hard to absorb it
If I wanted to go to college I couldn’t even afford it
And don’t talk to me about scholarships
You know I don’t care about all that shit
How hard is it for you to understand this
Ya won’t find me on a college campus
But it’s really none of your concern
You’ve said enough already and now it’s my turn
So let me say don’t bother talkin' bout my life
I won’t take your advice I’ll do whatever I like
Ya always telling me to listen
Well fuck your input and fuck your opinion
I don’t want to go to college and ya all worked up
But ya have no reason to give a fuck so shut up
Ya ya betta quit yappin'
Fuck ya proposal, fuck what ya have to say
Ya can’t waist my go damn time ya bitch
Fuck an associates degree, fuck a bachelor’s and a master’s degree,
and don’t even mention a good damn PhD or any of that shit
The college board is always tryna' contact me
Trying to put me in a motha fuckin' university
Always talkin' bout the SAT
Because they just can’t stay away from me
Adults give me shit and sometimes people my own age
But what the fuck do they have to do with how my life will be arranged
People are always telling me
That not going to college is a felony
My family says they’re through with me
Telling me my decisions will ruin me
And if I don’t go I’ll have no opportunities
But what the fuck does their opinion have to do with me
You call yourself experienced
Makin' everything so serious
You’re more concerned about my life than ya are about yours
Why don’t ya just start walkin' and head right out the door
Cause I don’t want to hear your shit
You keep talkin' 'bout the same thing and I’ve had enough of it
I don’t wanna go and if you try to persuade me
I can guarantee you I won’t even give you a maybe
I’ll give ya nothin' but a big fat no
N-o ya can’t make me go
But ya still keep asking me
And now ya doing nothin' but harassin' me
Ya talk to me about a master’s degree
But you should know it doesn’t matter to me
I don’t wanna go and that’s a simple concept
How hard is it for you accept
And I might end up livin' in a cardboard box
On the side of the street with some hard knocks
But even if it comes to that you should know
College is one place where I just won’t go
Fuckin' scholarships, grants, fuckin' loans, there’s no difference,
just a god damn application, and debt
Fuck the office of undergraduate admissions, ya can’t take m money,
ya can’t take my time, ya can’t take my life
I really don’t have a choice
I’m livin in the lower-middle class so I don’t drive a Rolls Royce
I don’t have 100,000 dollars in the bank
It takes me half a month’s work to fill up my gas tank
So how do you expect me to afford to go to college
Or a trade school or whatever you wanna call it
And don’t talk to me about student loans
I’d rather be fifty years old and living in my parents' home
Than be in debt for the rest of life
Every night livin' off stale bread and overcooked white rice
Ya know that lifestyle’s shit
I’d rather be independent and livin' in a ditch
'Cause that would be better than spendin' all this money
To go to college and have my damn nose be runny
From smellin' all that motha fuckin' bullshit
'Cause I can promise you that’s all that school is
And you could never make me live in a dorm
And if ya didn’t know well now you’ve been informed
That I’m not the norm, and college is where ya won’t find me
Because ya can’t institutionalize me
I tell ya I don’t wanna go and you can’t handle it
Ya mad as fuck and you can’t understand it
Well that’s your problem and not mine
It’s none of my concern so quit wasting my time
Ya say I’m nothing but a dead weight to society
Tellin' me that I got no propriety
Well fuck your expectations
Fuck an education and I don’t need an explanation
And if I don’t go there would be nothin' you could do
But I guarantee I’d never end up like you
I don’t wanna go to college and I meant it
Fuck the penitentiary of academics
And that’s the truth
Community colleges, state universities, private universities, technical
institutions, medical schools, law schools, liberal arts schools, for-profit,
nonprofit, its all the same shit
Can’t rob me of my life, fuck whatcha sayin'