Joy & Dave — Let's Go See Gran'ma lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Let's Go See Gran'ma" by Joy & Dave.


Let’s you and me go party-goin'
Let’s you and me go photograph showin'
Let’s you and me go rock 'n' rollin'
Let’s you and me through the woods go strollin'
Let’s have fun, yeah
Let’s go see Gran’ma
Let’s you and me get the poles out fishin'
Let’s you and me go do a little kissin'
Let’s you and me go swimmin' and a-divin'
Let’s you and me go jumpin' and a-jivin'
Let’s have fun, yeah
Let’s go see Gran’ma
Wouldn’t it be romantic
With a great big silver moon
Let me gently kiss ya
I will make you… woo! (Hey!)
Let’s go down to that place you know
And play sweet music with the lights down low
Are you ready? (Yeah!)
Let’s go!
I wanna see Gran’ma!
Let’s you and me forget about fishin'
Let’s you and me remember 'bout the kissin'
Let’s you and me do a little lovin'
Let’s you and me go turtledovin'
Let’s make love, yeah
Let’s go see Gran’ma
My darling (But I wanna see Gran’ma!)
Come closer (I just wanna see Gran’ma!)
I love you (Who care’s about Gran’ma?)