Joe Modifica — Lady Luck lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Lady Luck" by Joe Modifica.


Welcome all to the travelling roadside show
Amazing sights come have your fortunes told
Ride Lady Luck Ride
Ride Lady Luck Ride
The show’s in town, the show’s in town
Ride lady luck tonight, tonight in this gypsy town
Here the songs they sing, drink some gypsy tea
They’ll take your gold ring, trade it for some cash money
Sitting by the fire, dancing shadows reach for the sky
An enchanting delight, raven hair with dark green eyes
Ride, ride, ride
For those who would come, to enter you must believe
Things you will see, visions for one small fee
When the full moon is bright, good spirits rule the night
Lady luck will guide you,
A chance to even the score, a night to change all nights