Joe Modifica — I Remember lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "I Remember" by Joe Modifica.


On a clear night in September — I remember — I remember
In the moon light on the beach that night by the bonfire light,
Love at first sight, I surrender — never forget her
The times we had — the memories made
That summer love, never fade
I remember — never forget her
We’ll I remember these nights and days
The sand and ocean — the sun on your face
And I remember the color of your eyes
And the light of your hair
When I saw you — standing there — with smiling pretty eyes and long flowing hair
Well I knew the as I still know now
That summertime romance the best I found
I remember — your lips so tender
Flying high and burning bright
That summer love -gone in a night
I remember — never forget her
Well I remember those nights and days
The sand and the ocean the sum on your face
And I remember the salt and the air
The color of your eyes — the light in your hair
On a clear night in September
I remember, I remember