Joe Modifica — Autumn Storm lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Autumn Storm" by Joe Modifica.


I will love you in the morning, Baby
I will be there by your side
There’s no reason to cry, now baby
There’s no reason to lie, oh anymore
This autumn storm, will be forewarned,
This autumn storm
I know that you’ve been lonely, now Baby
I know for you it’s been hard
Time goes by so slowly Baby
When I’m away with a lonely heart — oh lonely heart
This autumn storm; be forewarned,
This autumn storm
See the sky turning red, now Baby
See the waves crash up ahead
Feel the wind around you Baby
Feel the rain upon your head, on your head
Well I don’t care what you say, now Baby
And I don’t care what you’ve done
Today’s for living not memories — Baby
Tomorrow’s are hopes to come, ah hopes to come
This autumn storm; be forewarned
This autumn storm
Well take my hand and hold me, Baby
A love like ours will survive; the tides of love are endless
The waves of love reach the sky, reach the sky
This autumn storm; be forewarned
This autumn storm