Jet Set Satellite — XOXO (You Can't Go) lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "XOXO (You Can't Go)" by Jet Set Satellite.


Hello, hello, what do ya know, honey?
Come along and ride with me Oh, I know, I know, I know, I know
This is a pretty strange place to be Ok, ok, we’re running late today
I need to bring you up to speed
Oh, no wait, no wait, we’ll play it safe, baby
Are you sure you’re really on the scene?
Oh no, you can’t go Then why’d you so?
Hello, hello — let’s catch the show, honey
I think we got some decent seats
I know you want to cut a rug lately
But this band has got a killer beat
I say, ok, do things your way, baby
Still, I got me two left feet
I’ll wait, I’ll wait back at the gate maybe
And pretend to work security
Oh no, you can’t go Then why’d you say so?
Oh no, you can’t go And why? 'Cause I said so You can’t go XOXO before I go, honey
Me and you were never meant to be
I know you like this side of life, baby
But I’m not into astrology
Ok, ok, a second date maybe
I give in to you reluctantly
Oh, no wait, no wait, let’s get this straight, baby
Never said you’s only seventeen
You can’t go You can’t go You can’t go You can’t — move on