Jet Set Satellite — We're Above This lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "We're Above This" by Jet Set Satellite.


I nearly met my end
But now I’ve trickled back to life
You almost got the best of me, I guess
Kicked me while I was down
You hit me til I caved in Just to remind me every now and then
That I’m above this, baby
yes it’s true
Oh, I’m above this baby
and so are you
We’re above this, baby
yes it’s true
Tried to guard my innocence
With a certain sense of eloquence
Here we go again
You say everything’s a lie
You’re wrong but you know you’re right
It doesn’t really matter what I say
I’m sorry that it didn’t last
I know it happened all so fast
I swear I never wanted it this way
You’re not my friend
Knowing when
To condescend and seek revenge
You’ll defend
Your better sense until the end
Here we go again
every now and then
You’re innocent,
eloquent and hesitant
I passed your test
You got my best
The time I wasted striking out
In self-defense
And now I’m glad I never met
My bitter end
Cause all we built is just a wreck
There’s nothing left to defend