Jet Set Satellite — Vegas lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Vegas" by Jet Set Satellite.


Well, you’re not my type but I can go all night
And we can dance like it’s the end of the world
Smashing, crashing, system blasting
Resisting every boy and girl
My blood’s run cold and I’m in the fold
As we’re ready to push right through
Twisting, turning, insides burning
Uniting everyone in the room
All fall down, your guard drops down
The sun goes down at the height of black summer
All fall down, we’re all sucked down
The walls come down and yeah, we’re going under
Welcome to the drone with complete unknowns
Do ya feel it coming on in waves?
Waiting, wanting, shameless flaunting
I need you more than ever to say
The devil’s in your soul like a big, black hole
I wouldn’t want it any other way
You tried to fight it, it won’t go away
A celebration that gives what it takes
Nothing sacred to believe
You’re my new dependency