Jet Set Satellite — Invisible Words lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Invisible Words" by Jet Set Satellite.


Tonight, the world will burn
We’ll keep our word
And watch it die
You’ll lay your head on me
I’ll kiss your cheek
And wave goodbye
One last breath to say your name
One more look to ease the pain
One less fool to hold your hand
To pull you close and understand
One last secret in the dark
To satisfy my heavy heart
One more night that ends too soon
To let you know what I’ve been through
I don’t wanna leave you
But trust in me
I’ll never be further than memories
Don’t mean to desert you
I dread the day
I can’t stay forever,
Every time I go away
Surreal to touch your skin
As a breeze slips in And I feel saved
Here, within your arms
We’ll count the stars
In warm embrace