Jet Set Satellite — Black.Heart.Burn lyrics

The page contains the lyrics of the song "Black.Heart.Burn" by Jet Set Satellite.


I thought I heard you say
You wracked your brain and nearly thought of Calling it a day
Belie the cost of sacrificing me All that you wanted to be Immaculate and pristine
Some sort of spiritual Sid and Nancy
We’ll put the whole world to sleep
Just by the skin of our teeth
Rolling in like a Roman army
Tear your way back into my black heart, baby
I’ve waited too long just to have you slip away again
I know we spent so much time apart now lately
But pulling you close it’s me and you until the end
Savvy in the way
You catch me scheming well before I Come to plead my case
Despite a wealth of indiscretioning
All that you want me to be
Better to give than receive
Like a chemical — so disarming
We could put on a scene
But you think you should leave
Floating out with your eyes locked on me
A vulture to the bait
Without you, I’d be left to slowly
Pick amongst remains
All in all, I know I made a Terrible mistake
I never want this night forgotten
And heaven help the day
We’re nothing more than precious memory
Cast into the flame
I swear to you I’m never coming
Back for you again
Again, again, again, again, again